Durable Shellac Treatment in Glendale

Are you someone who likes to get value for your money? Do you think that a luxurious nail treatment should be both beautiful and durable? Or are you simply sick of having a brand new manicure ruined because of a texting or typing mishap? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to book a shellac nail treatment with us right away. If you want the best shellac care in Glendale there is only one number to call.

With years of combined experience in the nail treatment business, there is nothing that our team doesn’t know about shellac nail care. So, whether you are a newcomer to the shellac game or a seasoned pro, we have the skills to make your nails look their best for longer. Don’t take chances with something as important as nail care, call the team you can trust today.

First-timers Welcome

Chances are that unless you are an expert, you may not have heard of shellac However, there is no need to worry. All of our existing Glendale clients were first-timers once. However, what is important is the fact that many of them were converted to the wonders that shellac manicures can offer after just one treatment from us at Studio D Day Spa LLC.

What is a Shellac Manicure?

A shellac manicure is a regular manicure that is finished with a coat of shellac nail polish. This nail polish is revolutionary because of its strength and durability. A shellac manicure can turn a regular manicure into something far more long-lasting. Shellac polish is a UV nail polish that is a hybrid between traditional gel and polish coats.

One of the other unique selling points of a shellac nail treatment is that it offers options in a wide range of colors and styles. This variety allows you to express your individuality for two to three weeks. This saves time having to maintain your nails, and gives your credit card a welcomed break too.

How to Keep Your Nails Looking Better for Longer

To make your shellac nails look better for longer, it is necessary to treat them with the care and respect that they deserve by following these basic guidelines:

Ensure Your Nails are in Good Shape

Diet plays a massive role in the quality of your nails. Failing to get enough protein and vitamins in your diet can leave your nails brittle and unfit for shellac since it is required for your nails to be in good condition prior to the treatment.

Always Be Aware of You Nails

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with nails that have recently received a shellac treatment is to treat them the same as regular, non-manicured nails. This means you should always wear gloves when doing the dishes or other housework. Also, if you are someone who loves to garden, then it is essential that your hands and nails are properly protected.