Premium Manicure Service for Milwaukee

The great thing about a manicure is that no matter how stressed, angry or agitated you are feeling it is almost certainly going to help improve your mood. Not only is a manicure guaranteed to leave your hands and fingernails looking amazing, but chances are that it will leave you feeling a whole lot better as well. On top of that, a manicure is one of those treats that you can give yourself which won’t break the bank or take all day. The cost-effective and time-focused nature of a manicure means that it is the perfect way to start a weekend or improve a day that isn’t going so well.

Located in Milwaukee, Studio D Day Spa LLC offers an award-winning manicure service that is unrivalled in quality and price. Our spa offers a wide range of beautifying and purifying treatments including body wraps, Swedish massages and facials. However, we are particularly proud of our manicure service. With the most skilled nail technicians in the business and the best materials possible, we can guarantee that a manicure from us is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Call today to find out about our great offers!

Different Types of Manicures

They say that variety is the spice is life and when it comes to manicures this is particularly true. We are immensely proud of the wide range of manicure options that we offer in our Milwaukee spa. Two of the most popular types of manicures we offer include:

Basic Manicure

As the name suggests this type of manicure is simplicity personified. This is perfect for new customers or clients who don’t normally receive manicures on a regular basis. This manicure will start with our nail technician applying a soothing cream to your nails, fingertips and cuticles. She will then ask that you put your hands into a warm bowl of water provided to soften the tips and cuticles. Once the softening process has finished, our technician will consult with you as to what preference you have for the shape and style of the nail. The options vary but most of our clients choose either a square, oval or round shape.

Once this selection has been made, your nails will be shaped and the technician will begin massaging your fingers. From there our technician will apply a base coat of clear nail polish, followed by two coats of colored polish and then and a final clear top coat. Finally, the basic manicure will be completed by drying the nails under a nail-specific dryer.

French Manicure

The French manicure is as popular now as it was when we first opened our doors. This timeless classic manicure is all about class and is perfect for every type of occasion. The starting points of the manicure are similar to the basic option. However, the polish applied is always very pale or clear except for a white variation at the tip.