Superior Pedicure Treatment for Milwaukee

While manicures have been a mainstay of Milwaukee spas and beauty parlors for years, pedicures have often been overlooked. However, in recent times, pedicures have grown in popularity as Milwaukee men and women are recognizing the amazing benefits of a pedicure. A pedicure from Studio D Day Spa LLC can leave your feet and toes looking and feeling great. The sense of confidence that you get from a perfectly polished pedicure is priceless and is the perfect way to prepare for a summer full of beach, park and outdoor activities.

With years of experience under our belt and a reputation for nail care excellence, a pedicure from Studio D Day Spa LLC is the perfect gift for any Milwaukee man or woman. So, whether you are struggling to find a gift for a special person in your life who has it all or you simply feel like treating yourself to a relaxing treatment, contact us today. With late-night opening hours, extended weekend availability and a competitive price range, we have it all. However, don’t just take our word for it. Visit our website today and read the testimonials of some of the thousands of Milwaukee customers who have enjoyed the incredible benefits of our high-quality pedicures.

Always Bring Sandals

At Studio D Day Spa LLC every pedicure we offer comes with an application of auto-dry nail polish as standard. This significantly helps with the drying process following a pedicure, but it doesn’t mean that the polish will dry immediately. For that reason, we always recommend that each of our Milwaukee customers bring a pair of open-toe sandals to wear on the way home. Obviously, if you’re getting a pedicure in the winter months then exceptions can be made, but we do recommend, when possible, to always wear sandals after our pedicures until your polish has dried completely.

A Wide Range of Pedicures

If we have learned one thing from our years of operating a top of the line spa it is that no two customers are alike. So, it makes sense then that no two pedicures will be the exactly the same. When you get a pedicure from Studio D Day Spa LLC you can be sure that you are receiving a treatment that is customized to meet your needs. Two of our most popular pedicures include:

Basic Pedicure

A basic pedicure starts off with a soak in our uniquely designed footbath with essential oils and Dead Sea salts. From there, our pedicure treatment begins and will involve our nail therapists performing a range of techniques that will leave your feet looking and feeling like they never have before. These techniques include: cuticle treatment, nail shaping, callous removal and an intense foot and lower leg massage of the foot.

Sea Salt Pedicure

The sea salt pedicure is similar to our basic option but also includes a lower leg and foot sea salt scrub that exfoliates your skin. We also include a unique paraffin treatment that leaves your feet feeling soft and silky.