Spa Manicure

At Studio D Day Spa LLC, we realize that for most of our customers, a spa manicure is a treat. That is why when you visit Studio D Day Spa LLC we will make sure you receive as much pampering as possible. We take great pride in our award-winning spa manicure that has provided women, and a growing number of men, from all over with top quality hand-nail care. As part of our superior spa manicure treatment; you will receive cuticle care, nail filing and shaping as well as a hand and finger massage from our expertly trained manicure specialists. This unique experience is the perfect getaway for a full day retreat but is also ideal for those with less time on their hands.

To make this manicure as special as possible we do recommend removing any nail polish or gloss before the appointment.


Perfectly Painted Nails, Every Time

When you choose Studio D Day Spa LLC for a relaxing spa manicure you are choosing to enter a world of peace and calm. Our spa professionals will make you feel at immediate ease so you can concentrate on taking it easy. We always aim to put you first and have the skill and expertise that will leave you looking and feeling on top of the world.

At Studio D Day Spa LLC, we also take our commitment to the environment very seriously and use only the finest manicure related products for our customers. This means that you can rest assured that you will receive the perfect spa manicure experience without damaging the environment.


Classic French Manicure

At Studio D Day Spa LLC we understand that less is more. That is why the understated elegance of our French manicure remains so popular. The perfect nail design for weddings, dinner parties or other social events, the French manicure will leave your nails looking perfectly even with a dash of glamour thrown in for good measure. To create this perfect manicure, an initial pale pink bass is applied and is then added to with our signature white tips. The charm of our French manicure is derived from its sheer simplicity. This elegant spa manicure is so understated that it can complement all types of styles and its versatility means that it is perfect for every social occasion.